Can 1st Class Loans help if you have been refused elsewhere?

Yes, here at 1st Class Loans, we can help customers who have been refused elsewhere. We offer alternative loans to some of the major lenders.

If you have applied at one of the leading lenders listed below, we might be able to help. We work with a large number of FCA approved lenders offering 40+ different loan products. So if you have been rejected elsewhere it may be worth applying through a broker like ourselves.

Is it better to apply through a broker than a direct lender?

There are benefits to both, brokers had a bad reputation in the payday loan industry due charging customer’s finder’s fees, however, since the FCA stepped in, many brokers like ourselves don’t charge fees. So using a broker in 2020 might be better for you then going to a direct lender.

We have access to over 40 loan products so hopefully, we can match you with a lender even if you have been rejected elsewhere before.

Here is a list of some lenders in the payday loan industry:

  1. 247MoneyBox (update: This lender has gone into administration)
  2. SafetyNet Credit
  3. My Jar
  4. Lending Stream
  5. Likely Loans
  6. Cashfloat
  7. Drafty
  8. Moneysupermarket loans
  9. Satsuma Loans
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