Guides to haggling

Living in tough economic times means you save every penny possible. It is possible to save hundreds of pounds annually if you are good at haggling. The typical Brit perceives haggling as rude and will often shy away from haggling. To be a good haggler, you need to know what it means to haggle, how haggling is done, services and products that one can haggle on and what time is favourable for haggling.

What does haggling mean?

Haggling is getting more for less than you are spending. It is okay to haggle over a given product or service. There is nothing impolite about haggling as long as you are courteous to the salesperson. What could be the worst-case scenario of haggling? The seller can turn down your suggested price, and you would have to buy the item at the original price.

No one should make you feel like a penny pincher for wanting to scale down the price of a given item. Haggling is in every way legal, and you will not be put in cuffs for haggling.

How to I haggle?

The ultimate goal for haggling is to achieve the price that best suits your tight budget. Until you have arrived at it, then you have not succeeded. Familiarize yourself with the market by doing ample research online and possibly, the high street.

It is your convincing power and poise that will win you a fair price without coming off as impolite. Do not impose negotiations while at the selling point. It is polite to wait for the salesperson to suggest an alternative price, and you can pick from there. Who knows – he might suggest a price lower than your maximum price range.

Before you begin haggling with just anyone at a store, do a quick study of who could be senior enough to lower a particular pricy item for you? You do not want to waste time negotiating then later leave without the desired product or service because you talked to the wrong person.

What products and services can I haggle?

Whether you are buying a set of infinite furniture or 2.2 stones of baby marrow, you can haggle. It does not matter how small an item is considered to haggle. The seller has the ultimate power to accept or decline the suggestion.

However, not all situations warrant haggling. It will sometimes not make sense even to you to haggle in specific environments. Insurance and shipping services are some of the commonly haggled services.

When is the right time to haggle?

You will succeed in haggling if your timing is right. A good example is shopping for Christmas. You would stand a higher chance of haggling if you shopped early in the year than in the last quarter. This is in line with the rule of law that calls for you to haggle an item when it is least in demand.

Rush hours such as mid-morning and in the afternoon or at the beginning of a financial year are the least favorable times to haggle.

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