How to Finance a Wedding

Most people love attending weddings for the happiness and warmth they bring. Others attend while keeping an eye for fresh ideas to use on their big day. Budgeting for a wedding can leave you mentally exhausted and financially troubled. Here are a few ways to source funds and have the wedding you always envisioned.

Have a Longer Engagement Period to Save for Your Wedding

While having a wedding is important, remember it is a one-day event. Do not spend years paying for a loan utilized in one day. Choosing the savings path will give your marriage on a debt-free foundation. Debts can cause stress and negatively affect your relationship.

Taking a Loan for Your Wedding

It is not always practical to save for a wedding. It might mean waiting for years to have a wedding and jeopardise the relationship. If you choose to take a loan for your wedding, here are a few guidelines to help you make an informed choice.

Taking a personal loan is an easy way to finance your wedding. However, there are factors to consider, including:

  • Your wedding budget-will guide you on the loan amount
  • Your credit score will influence the terms of your loan
  • Interest rates-look out for the lowest rates
  • Repayment strategy-consider your ability to repay the loan

Here are a few loans to kick off your wedding plans.

Short Term Loans

If you are looking to finance a portion of your wedding expenses, short term loans are a great option. These loans have a short repayment period, with a maximum repayment window of one year. There is a wide selection of short term loan products that could help sort out your wedding expenses. They include:

Payday Loans Online

These loans are paid back in a lump sum within one month after receiving the loan amount in your account. This type of loan will cater for small expenses as they are small amounts. They attract high interest and you want to be sure that you can repay your loan before applying.

Bank Overdrafts

This refers to your bank extending credit to cover payments when your bank account funds are insufficient. Your bank deducts fees until you settle the overdrawn amount fully. Bank overdrafts can cater for small expenses.

Personal Loans

If you need a loan to finance the entire wedding budget, personal loans are better options.  Taking a personal loan will enable you to borrow a larger amount of money. Unlike short term loans, you will have a longer repayment window-up to six years. These loans charge lower interest rates

Wedding Loans for Bad Credit

A low credit score should not prevent you from making your big day a successful event. These payday loans for bad credit are advanced to individuals with a low credit score and can either be secured or unsecured. Having a low credit history means your loan will attract high interest. This type of loan should be the last option.

The golden rule for wedding financing is to borrow what you need. Avoid taking a larger loan just because you qualify for one. Unnecessary debt will delay your journey to financial freedom and strain your marriage.


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