Increase in back pain due to working from home

Whether working from home or the office, it does not matter. Either way, you are still working. Working from home means that you telecommute from your bed, a vanity breakfast bar, dining table, or the lounge chair. For the last few years, research has shown that working remotely is practical and involves less hassle. There are a bunch of benefits associated with working from home.

Advantages of working from home

  • No commuting- the only time you need to commute is while moving from your bed to grab a coffee from the kitchen or to the yard to sun bask
  • Peaceful ambience- there are minimal or zero distractions from noisy office printers, nuisance chatter from colleagues and honking vehicles on the streets
  • It is cheap- do the math! From daily taxi money to the hundreds of pounds you spend annually on your lunches. You can now prepare a quick yummy sandwich from your kitchen.
  • Zero office wear- forget the hassle of maintaining an uptight look in suits all day.
  • Flexibility- you are your boss at home. You get to decide when to have your meal breaks and for how long.
  • More family time- you get to see your kids off to school and be there when they come back in the evening.
  • Forget the long traffic hours- there is zero human traffic on the busy city streets knocking on each other’s shoulders.


Despite working remotely coming off as very beneficial, working from home can have deleterious effects on your health- the back especially. If you are contemplating working from home for the long-term, you should probably consider ergonomic home furniture. Otherwise, you are a few years away from acute deep vein thrombosis, frequently sore neck, among other musculoskeletal injuries. Poor sitting posture and unsuitable work furniture such as lead for severe back pains whose consequences can be quite detrimental if not timely addressed.


Tips on how to deal with computer-related tasks at home;

  1. Avoid awkward bending of the neck- angle your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or whatever electronic you are using in such a way that you have a straight view of the screen.
  2. Do not view any documents horizontally- whether studying e-paper documents or hard copy receipts, ensure your neck remains straight.
  3. Sit appropriately- the way you sit while you work for long hours contributes a lot to the long-term health of the lumbar spine that supports the lordotic curve. Make sure that your feet are always resting flat against the ground, otherwise get foot support.
  4. Avoid working from your bed- working from the foundation will force you to hunch over for optimum viewing of the device screen hence straining your back.
  5. Suitable keyboard and mouse height levels- unless you are working with a laptop on the same level as the keyboard and the touchpad, it can be quite strenuous.


It is advisable to get a deep tissue body massage once in a while- not for luxury purposes but to alleviate back pains resulting from overworked posterior muscles.


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