Are you worried about the cost of living increasing?

August 22, 2022

Struggling to get a quick, payday loan or personal loan? Worried about cost of living increasing, higher interest rates? We scan the widest set of UK lenders so you don’t have to and get payday and personal loans that you are eligible for from our many lenders. Many of our customers have missed payments and […]


Nebraska Caps Interest Rates on Payday Loans in USA

November 14, 2020

Nebraska voters finally have their say on irresponsible lending On Election Day, the voters in Nebraska finally put the last nail on huge interest online payday loans. It was not a move many expected since Nebraska is a Red state with conservative political values such as market deregulations. The abuse of the deregulation by the […]


Sunny Loans failed compensation

November 14, 2020

Over a half Million customers receive less than 1% of their investment from the Failed Sunny Administrators at KPMG have been emailing Sunny Loans payday customers who were mis-sold premiums to claim the compensation before January 2021. The exercise began this week and is expected to continue for a few more weeks. KPMG is sending […]


10 Places you can travel at the moment without Quarantine

September 28, 2020

10 Places you can travel at the moment without Quarantine If you are planning on going on holiday this month (October 2020) you need to make sure the country, you are visiting isn’t on the UK quarantine list for when you return. Picking a country which is on the UK quarantine list will mean you […]



August 27, 2020

Fact Magazine: Documenting Unique Music Since 2003 Fact magazine has played a phenomenal role in the British music scene since its inception in 2003, giving priority to upcoming artists with unique talent and promoting electronic music as part and parcel of global youth culture. From establishment in 2003, Fact Magazine began highlighting exciting ...


Lenders in UK for Payday Loans

August 21, 2020

Lenders in UK for Payday Loans Need some money to take care of yourself until the next payday? Payday loans are small amounts that you can borrow within the month to help you solve a problem before the next payday. The amount that you can borrow is usually between £100 and £1,000. A payday loan […]


Consumer Credit Borrowing Shrinks to Weakest Annual Rate in 26 Years

July 31, 2020

Consumer Credit Borrowing Shrinks to Weakest Annual Rate in 26 Years Bank of England figures. “Households’ consumer credit borrowing shrunk by 3% annually in May, marking the weakest growth since records started in 1994.”    Covid-19 has, no doubt, pulled hard on the economy. But, can we begin to understand the impact? Recall that i...


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