10 Places you can travel at the moment without Quarantine

If you are planning on going on holiday this month (October 2020) you need to make sure the country, you are visiting isn’t on the UK quarantine list for when you return.

Picking a country which is on the UK quarantine list will mean you will have to self-isolate for 2 weeks when returning from holiday. This can cause a loss of income and make the holiday more expensive.

If you are to break the quarantine, you could be looking at a large fine and in some cases jail time.

So let’s look at the 10 places you can visit which would be great for a holiday and won’t break the UK quarantine list:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Italy
  3. Greece
  4. Cuba
  5. Germany
  6. Turkey
  7. Sweden
  8. Poland
  9. Portugal
  10. Gibraltar

1 Cyprus

There are some incredible deals at the moment going to Cyprus. You can get flights for as little as £100 return from the UK. Also, hotels have lowered their prices to try and encourage UK tourists.

Although you don’t need to quarantine when returning to the UK. Getting to Cyprus, you will need a negative COVID test within 72 hours of flying into the country. You will also need to fill out a Cyprus flightpass.

COVID test can be bought privately for around £125 and must be done within 72 hours of flying.

Cyprus get an estimate of 6 million tourists each year, however this year so far it estimated to be around 500,000. As you can imagine for a small country that relays heavily on tourism they are in desperate need for tourists.

Our favourite location – Paphos

Our favourite Hotel – Olympic Lagoon Paphos

2 Italy

Italy needs no introduction, an absolutely stunning country with incredible food, stunning coastlines and breathtaking cities.

Although Italy was one of the worst-hit countries at the start of the pandemic, it has then improved dramatically and currently has no restrictions for UK tourists. Unless you travelling to Sardinia, where you will need to register.

Our favourite location – Rome

3 Greece (Mainland)

If you are planning a Greek holiday this October for some winter sun, then, unfortunately, a lot of the Greek islands have been put on the UK quarantine list. However, mainland Greece, Corfu, Kos, and Rhodes do not need to quarantine.

There is a passenger locator form to fill out. If this isn’t completed, you could face a 500Euro fine or be turned away at the border and sent back on the next plane home.

4 Cuba

Cuba, a breath-taking beautiful country in South America.

As a British tourist, you can only enter Cuba on a charter flight to the following destinations: Cayo Cruz, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco or Cayo Largo Del Sur.

Tui is currently doing 7 nights all-inclusive from as little as £699pp.

5 Germany

Germany, known for its great beer, large German Sausages and great Football teams. A great place for a city break in October or if restrictions don’t change, hold out for the famous German Christmas Markets in November/December.

October is a great time to visit Germany, especially if you can get tickets to its world-famous Oktoberfest. However, unfortunately, this year’s Oktoberfest has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

There a currently no restrictions in place for Germany.

Our favourite locations in Germany – Hamburg and Berlin.

6 Turkey

If you are planning to travel to Turkey, this October for some winter sun or cosmetic surgery. You will be able to find some great deals.

Jet 2 is offering 7 nights all-inclusive for as little as £334pp.

Currently, there are no restrictions to travel to Turkey, however, you will face health checks on arrival.

7 Sweden

Sweden has handled the pandemic slightly different to everyone else as they didn’t opt for national lockdown. Some have praised the way they have handled the pandemic whereas others have been critical when comparing death rates to other Scandinavian countries.

Either way, Sweden is a great country and although you will need more spending money in Sweden compared to other countries. The Scandinavian country is still well worth a visit.

No restrictions in place.

8 Poland

Poland might be a bit cold this time of year, however, Poland has some incredible cities and at a very low price.

Are favourite location being Warsaw and you can go for as little as £160pp

Also, Poland has no restrictions so may well be worth a visit if you are on a budget.

9 Portugal

Azores and Madeira only, yes, unfortunately, a lot of Portugal have been put on the UK quarantine list. However, you can still go to the islands of Azores and Madeira.

Similar to Cyprus, you will need a negative COVID test 72 hours before arrival.

Please note: All of Portugal is on Scotland’s quarantine list.

10 Gibraltar

Gibraltar, the home of duty-free. You can get some great buys in Gibraltar, also, it is a very stunning place.

There is no restriction’s in place and you can get some great deals through EasyJet.


With all the chaos that is going on, there are still a lot of places you can travel and for a great price.

Just make sure you keep up to date with the restrictions as these are changing all the time.

For private COVID test, we recommend Randox Health

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