Fact Magazine: Documenting Unique Music Since 2003

Fact magazine has played a phenomenal role in the British music scene since its inception in 2003, giving priority to upcoming artists with unique talent and promoting electronic music as part and parcel of global youth culture.

From establishment in 2003, Fact Magazine began highlighting exciting features concerning electronic music targeting the youth in Britain and showcased various artists, including Barry McGee, Klaxons and Trevor Jackson. Some artists, like Adele, featured on the publication as upcoming artists would later rise to fame.  Back then, the magazine existed in print and soon became a household name registering a readership of 100,000 at its peak.

In 2007, Fact Magazine went digital, deciding to focus on the online space and growing an audience. This was easily achieved once they created accounts on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The online shift was highly successful, prompting a resolution to become exclusive online. The publication has experienced positive growth, employing full-time staff in the U.K., Australia and the U.S.A.

Content and Scope

Fact Magazine takes pride in promoting youth culture and is driven by the desire to give young artists a chance to express their talents and make it to the limelight. It is owned and published by the London-based Vinyl Factory. Various factors have propelled the publication’s growth in electronic media to become one of the most acclaimed online music outfits. Its vibrant following is tied to a wide selection of electronic music content, including:

Fact Mix Series

This session allows featured music producers and D.J.s to exclusively release a mix that runs for a week on the platform.  The Mix Series is credited for the phenomenal success of Fact Magazine and has featured several unique artists, video technicians, D.J s and producers. It is an excellent avenue for showcasing talent and exposing upcoming talent from all parts of the world to the masses.  One of the featured mixes that received significant mention was the Kampire 228 mix that fused underground beats from Amsterdam and Kampala.

Against The Clock

In this segment, music composers are given 10 minutes of studio time to create musical content. It is a popular section, attracting creative artists worldwide and is a viewer favourite. The segment is lively and rich in creativity and diversity, with producers representing countries from all over the world. These talented music producers share their prowess with viewers and get enough exposure to capture the attention of the world’s most renown music labels. They also get to sell their music to impressed viewers.

Exploring Electronic Music Production

Music production is a big deal and is core to the creation of high-quality music. The magazine invites both upcoming and established producers to reveal their prowess and share their studio experience to viewers in a “behind” the scenes manner. In this segment, you get to learn about different production software and their capabilities.

Artist D.I.Y. Segment

Clubhouses and other entertainment spots have remained closed for the better part of 2020, as a measure to control the spread of Covid-19. This segment features the creations of underground artists in the Covid-19 period in conjunction with Fact Magazine. These artists take the viewers on tour behind the scenes to experience their lyrical journey as they create lockdown songs and albums. They highlight the intrigues and challenges faced by musicians in the Covid-19 period and their coping mechanisms. The end result is creating deeper connections between the artists and their fan base.

Audio Visual Technology Showcase

Here, artists embark on a mission to take educate viewers on the production of head-spinning audiovisual effects. These creations are made possible by the ingenuity of tech experts like coders and modern techniques, including virtual reality. Some established audiovisual artists who have been featured in this segment include Sam Rolfes, the brains behind the tarot inspired visual arts at Unsound. Together with his brothers, they have developed digital art works, such as 3D models for stars like Lady Gaga, Matthew Dear and Rabbit.


Documentaries never go out of style and are a source of valuable information and topics for deliberation. The publication news section has featured some of the most intriguing music documentaries of all time, including The Life of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac’s All Eyez on Me. The two rappers still have a hold on their fans years after their tragic murders and any mention of their names is a magnet puller. Another documentary featured Kato Change and Blinky Bill two creative artists from Nairobi, breaking stereotypes on the diversity of African Music.

Fact T.V.

Fact Magazine now owns a T.V. channel, airing a variety of shows on Channel 8 and Channel 10, with special features of local areas in Britain. The programme line-up features music segments, documentaries, live shows, news programmes, religious and political talk shows. Fact T.V. also offers a number of courses related to the media industry, including scripting, video editing and video production. They offer a video production package that entails video editing, camera, a sound technician and a production crew of four members. Equipment rental also adds to the station’s revenue stream.

News Segment

Fact Magazine has a captivating and well-updated news section. It covers happenings on the global music scene, including press releases, announcements of upcoming music events, music video reviews, artist profiles and performances in various music shows.

Exclusive Live Performances

The current generation of music lovers has a soft spot for live performances for their ability to create a special mood and experience and link viewers worldwide. Fact Magazine has featured full live music performance sets from music festivals and concerts.

Latest Music Videos

The website also showcases new music videos from upcoming artists. Some of the music videos are a raw and real representation of the immense talent yet to be discovered in the world of underground music.

These efforts have helped Fact Magazine remain relevant and a force to reckon with in the dissemination of music-related content. The publication’s website has recorded more than 50 million views since its establishment online.

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