Top 10 Businesses Which Have Grown Due to Covid-19 UK

Top 10 business which have Grown in Covid-19

Covid-19 has devastated many UK firms, but some are thriving in the chaos. These businesses are sailing through due to a dynamic shift in the nature of business. As countries enforced measures like lockdowns, consumers had to find new ways of acquiring products to get by.

Some businesses have found the silver lining during these unprecedented times and are reaping big. They include:

1. E-Commerce

The news of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo’s newfound Covid fortunes has been trending over the past few weeks. Amazon has experienced delays in delivery caused by an unusual surge in demand and has had to increase employees at a time when most companies are downsizing.

2. E-Learning Platforms

Learning institutions all over the world shut down to control the spread of Coronavirus and a number remain shut. The result was an increase in the uptake of online courses by people looking to utilize their free time. E-learning providers have increased the number of tutors and classes to cash in on the windfall.

3. Sanitisation Products

Covid 19 prevention measures have centred on sanitization, which has seen firms manufacturing and selling cleaning products make big sales. Every cleaning product, from pocket size to gallon size, is flying off the shelves as people take their cleaning up a notch.

4. Protective Clothing

Caregivers and healthcare workers that have been at the forefront of the Covid 19 battle require new changes of protective wear from gloves to masks as they move from patient to patient. In Wales, Medex Scientific has hired more workers to meet the high demand form masks all over Europe.

5. Teleconferencing

Internet users have laughed at hilarious moments captured on video as the world embraced video conferencing apps like Zoom, which have replaced physical board room meetings.  The firm recorded 300 million participants at its peak in the lockdown period.

6. Home Entertainment Providers

Entertainment firms like Netflix have experienced positive growth with thousands of Britons subscribing to beat the isolation boredom. Its new service, Netflix Party, aims to bring friends together virtually as they watch movies and share thoughts.

7. Courier and Delivery Firms

Hermes UK has expanded its taskforce and acquired more vans and depots to deal with the home delivery surge. This industry has employed thousands of workers who lost their jobs at the onset of the pandemic.

8. Indoor games

Isolation weary individuals have resorted to unconventional ways of utilizing their free time. Extra-long breaks from daily activities have contributed to an unprecedented uptake of gaming software and gaming app developers are smiling to the bank.

9. Private Tuition

Children can be a handful, especially with no end in sight for the long social distancing breaks. Wealthy parents, especially from the countryside, have resorted to hiring private in-house tutors to keep their young ones occupied during the long breaks.

10. Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies, like Bayer, have experienced tremendous growth as patients and health facilities take up its drug, Chloroquine, which is managing Covid 19 symptoms. These companies stand to make a tidy sum as the world awaits a Covid vaccine.

The opportunities are limitless for resilient firms that have stepped up their innovation strategies to deal with new norms brought by Covid-19.



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