Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online


Are you facing financial problems and always looking for quick loans to get you by? You do not have to wallow in debt in the age of online jobs. Making money online is easy, thanks to the improvements made in internet connectivity globally. Here are the top ways you can make money online.


1.      Transcription

Transcription is a beginner-friendly Job, requiring excellent grammar, punctuation and spelling. You will listen to audio and convert it to text for payment requiring only a laptop and a pair of headphones. Worry not if you have no cash to purchase these items as online quick loans are just a click away.

2. Blogging

A blog provides mainly informal and captivating content, targeting online readers. Bloggers contribute to various niches and make money through paid advertisements, selling their products and services, or affiliate marketing.

3. Coaching

Are you highly knowledgeable in your field of expertise?  You can make money online by offering training at a fee on various platforms like Udemy that invite tutors to provide courses to their clients. A clear course outline and detailed notes will get you started.

4. Article Writing

Remarkable article writers are in constant demand, as seen from various job boards posted online daily. Numerous writing platforms connect writers and content seekers with an unlimited opportunity to hone your writing and grow your income.

5. Virtual Assistant

Many firms employ virtual assistants for routine office work, including replying to emails, answering phone calls and maintaining records. A virtual assistant should be dependable, well-organized and adhere to timelines provided.

6. Drop-Shipping

Drop-shipping involves advertising goods from a supplier to your online store. You receive an order on the supplier’s behalf and forward it to them for delivery to the customer. The down-side of drop shipping is low-margins. However, unique products guarantee better returns. Fast-moving products are a reasonable consideration when venturing into the drop-shipping business.

7. Digital Marketing

Digital marketers create brand awareness through channels like social media, blogs and the company’s website. It is one of the best paying online jobs as long as you meet the laid out targets. Satisfied clients will give referrals, increasing your income flow.

8. Resume Writing

People are always looking for jobs and will do anything to stand out to the recruitment team, including paying for a well-crafted resume. If you can write impressive resumes and cover letters, prepare for a  continuous flow of orders and cash.

9. Voice-Overs

The voice is a great asset, especially if packed with vigour and commercially intonated. You can make money from voice acting in documentaries, promos and classified programs, from your home, thanks to the internet.

10. Video-Captioning

Every day, thousands of videos find their way into the online space, providing a steady flow of jobs. Skilled video captioners are a busy lot, from crafting YouTube video captions to brand awareness videos and movies.

One thing that makes the online space phenomenal is that you can combine several jobs. You need to plan your schedule accordingly and create a functional work-space, free from distractions. It is important to manage your time as every minute counts online.


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