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24 hour and Weekend Payday Loans

1st Class loans operate 100% online which means customers can get loans 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With online loans there is no need for underwriters to obtain approval, giving you easy access to weekend payday loans when you need them.

Getting a 24-hour weekend loan should always be your last option, as we always recommend trying to raise the funds in other ways first before applying for payday loans online due to the high-interest rates.

Here are some ways to raise money at the weekend so that you don’t have to take a weekend loan.

We came across this interesting read on 37 ways to raise money on the weekend. Some of the ideas are a bit out of the box, but they are different to your usual money making blogs which is why we wanted to share this.

A couple of our favourite ideas are:

  • Dog sitting – Dog sitting or walking a dog can be a great little earner for some extra cash. Not only that, if you take the dogs for walks, this is a great exercise for you too.
  • Cleaning out a friend or family member’s basement/garage – We can all agree that this is one job that no one wants to do and always gets put off. Also, some of their junk could become your treasure as you could sell some of their unwanted items.
  • Become a clown for kid’s parties – We did say some of the points are a bit different and this point is certainly that, but if you’re a bit of joker, and like to have fun – this could be for you.

At 1st Class Loans, we understand that the main reason for people wanting a weekend loan is because they are in need of instant cash. And although some the points above are great ways of getting a little extra cash, they might take a couple of weeks to organise.

So that does leave only a couple of options:

You could possibly ask to borrow money from family or friends – but if this isn’t an option then alternatively you can apply for a 24-hour loan. Borrowing this type of loan should only ever be taken as a last resort, and we ask that you please see the risks below before making your final decision.

Risks of getting a 24-hour loan in the UK

  • Late repayments – Not making your payments on time for your 24-hour loan can land you with a penalty fee and in some cases a CCJ. Make sure that you can comfortably meet the repayments before taking out the loan and if for whatever reason you can’t make the repayment, get in contact with the lender and let them know. Don’t ignore the payments!
  • Becoming dependant on payday loans – if you find yourself needing a loan to pay off another loan, then we suggest you read our caught in the payday loan cycle blog and seek professional financial help.
  • Getting 24-hour payday loans might affect you getting a mortgage – Some lenders can see if you are dependent on payday loans and this may affect you getting a mortgage.

Tips when getting a late night loan

  • Get a pingtree loan – If you get accepted you will get the best rates to your circumstances from a large panel of lenders. Click here for more information on payday pingtree loans
  • Get a no credit check payday loan – Applying through 1st Class Loans you will get a no credit check quote and this won’t affect your credit rating if you don’t get accepted.
  • Look for companies offering fast pay-outs – When getting a late night loan, you need a company that is offering quick loans with a quick payout to ensure that you have access to the funds when you need them.

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