Warning: Late repayment of payday loans can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk

Rates from 12.9% APR to 1721% APR. The minimum Loan Term is 3 months. The maximum Loan Term is 36 months. 

Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Repayment of 17 Months at £87.22 and final repayment of £87.70 The total amount repayable is £1570.44. Interest amounts to £570.44, an annual interest rate of 59.97% Representative APR: 79.5% (variable)

Please note: We are a broker, not a lender, and do not make credit decisions.

Subject to application being approved by the lender. Not all lenders are able to provide up to £5000

We never charge any fees,
our service is 100% free

Good and
Bad Credit Welcome

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Instant cash loans in the UK

*Please note – Money will not be sent instantly, however, the money will be transferred into your bank account the same day subject to the lender.

Trying to find instant cash loans online can be stressful, especially as there are there so many available companies online offering these types of quick loans.

If you have found yourself in the need of emergency cash, then instant payday loans should only ever be used as a last resort. Here at 1st Class Loans, we always recommend you consider finding other financial solutions first before committing to a financial agreement.

If you have tried to find other solutions and you are still in need of online instant cash loans, then here’s why you should choose 1st Class Loans for your financial solution.

Instant Cash Loans

9 reasons to choose 1st Class Loans for your quick cash loans in the UK


  1. We offer access to 1st Class cash loans – We send your application into clever software which guarantees you the lowest rates available to your circumstances, from a large 40+ panel of lenders. If you are unsure of how our website works, please head to our Homepage for more information.
  2. Our Service is free – We will never charge you a fee to use our services to find you a loan or ask for money upfront – our service is 100% free. Brokers in the payday loan industry have had a bad reputation in the past. This was with good cause as many companies used to charge fees to use their services, and there was no guarantee that they could find you a loan. However, since the FCA stepped in and started to regulate the industry, most brokers now get paid commission from the lenders and NOT FROM THE CUSTOMER.
  3. Instant online approval – We have a very simple and easy to use quick quote form. Once you hit ‘get my personalised quote’ your application will get processed, and if you are approved, you will be matched with instant payday loans no credit check direct lenders within seconds. You will only ever get matched to the lowest rates available to your circumstances, from 40+ lenders for your fast cash loan, in a matter of seconds.
  4. Same day pay-out – Thanks to online banking and the advanced technology that is now available, completing a loan application with a lender through 1st Class Loans, means that you could receive your funds today subject to your banks’ policies and procedures.
  5. Quick cash loans available 24 hours a day – 1st Class Loans operates 100% online, which means that we still operate 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. So no matter if your need for a loan is in the middle of the night; whatever the time that you need the quick cash loan available to you, we can help.
  6. No Credit Check Loans With Instant Decision – This for us is one of the most important points. It can be extremely damaging to your credit rating if you apply for a loan on multiple occasions within a short period of time. Not only can this decrease your chances of being approved, but it can also increase the amount of interest charged if you do get approved. Our partner uses soft search technology to help find you the best rates to your circumstances. So in the instance of not being accepted for a loan when applying through 1st Class Loans, this will not affect your credit rating. These are the next best things to no credit check loans with instant decision.
  7. Our partner only works with FCA approved lenders – This is vital when taking out short-term cash loans. You need to be comfortable that the lender is trustworthy and regulated. There are many scams of companies calling up pretending to be other companies, if you have received a phone call asking for any upfront fees, we would highly recommend that you check the FCA statements on their website and never pay any upfront fees. Even if the company is legit, there are lots of companies available to you with a free of charge service that can offer you bad credit loans with an instant decision.
  8. Our website is 100% secure – To make sure that we don’t have any breach of your data, we destroy all your personal details after you have applied for your instant cash loans. 1st Class Loans don’t save any of your information on you. However, as part of the application process, T.UK technology may store some of your personal details.
  9. You could borrow up to £5,000 – This is more than usual payday loan websites, so if you do need a large amount we recommend getting a quote through 1st Class Loans. If you are not happy with the offer you are provided with and looking for more than £1,000, then we recommend you try applying for a personal loan as the APR rates might be lower. Please only ever apply for the loan amount that you need. We don’t ever recommend applying for more than the required amount, as you’ll pay more interest over the period of the loan. Even if your score leaves much to be desired, you can get bad credit loans instant decision through us and our lenders.
We hope that this has helped you in deciding to choose us for your instant cash loan. Remember – Only ever take a loan out as a last resort, and only ever borrow the exact amount that you need.

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Warning: Late repayment of payday loans can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk.